16 - 19 December 2015

Climbing Kilamanjaro By Camel

In a historical journey, a team of five Emarati adventurers climbed the top of Kilimanjaro peak by riding on camels.

These adventurers were motivated by the dream of raising UAE’s flag on the peak of Kilimanjaro, and under the sponsorship of Hamdan bin Mohammed Heritage Centre.

Kilimanjaro peak is the highest peak in Africa and the second highest in the world after the Mount Everest.

Among the team members were Saeed Khamis Al Ma’amari, who is the first Emirati who climbed Mount Everest; Ahmed Al Qasimi, the first Emirati who travelled 40,000Km around the world on camel; Awad Mejren, Aref Al Suwaidi and Hesham Al Zarouni.

Awad Mejren, team leader, said the journey lasted 15 days of which four days were spent to tame and train the camels to climb the mountain.

He pointed out that it took them eight days to climb to the peak of Kilimanjaro which is at a height of 19,000 feet. “The remaining three days were spent in descending to the starting point,” he said.

Meanwhile, the team encountered many difficulties and challenges during this journey. The most important challenge was the rugged terrain that hampered their climbing and the camels that were not familiar with such journeys.
“Also the low temperatures of minus ten degrees and heavy snowfall during our journey hindered our movements,” he added.

Mejren pointed out that they suffered from severe lack of oxygen when they climbed about 10,000 feet, which also delayed their movements towards the peak of the mountain.

He also said that they faced other difficulties in descending the mountain just as important and serious as the ascent.

“Due to such difficulties, team members suffered dehydration and fatigue, but the power of their doggedness and determination to raise the flag of our beloved country on top of the highest mountain in Africa eased our journey,” Mejren said.

Kilimanjaro by camel