16 - 19 December 2015


“Dubai Travelers Festival belongs to each and every one of us who, year after year, from wherever we are and in our own individual way, contributes towards creating it step by step. It is only by constantly analyzing the Festival, adapting its function and encouraging debate about it that we will continue to make it the very best it can be. Dubai Travelers Festival must be open to new ideas, while remaining faithful to its past, of course. Diversity can only enrich it. And that´s what makes the Dubai Travelers Festival our festival.”
Aref Al Suwaidi

Deputy Festival Directorr

Awad Mohammad Sheikh Mojrin

Chairman & Festival Director

The Biggest Gathering of Globe Trotters, Record-Breakers and Voyagers from Around the World.



Welcome to the Dubai Travelers Festival 2014, a gathering of international travelers and explorers of all ages, who have journeyed across the world by car, boat, foot, horse, camel, bicycle and plane.

Dubai Travelers Festival is a stage where these seasoned adventurers can share their experiences with visitors and among one another through workshops, lectures, interviews and documentary screenings. Their stories of the lofty summits they’ve scaled, the oceans they’ve crossed, and the dangers of the jungles they’ve faced with wild-animals, and the lonely roads they’ve traveled will inspire you to discover more of the world around you, or to take a second look at the different ways that people live on this wonderful planet.

Our history

Our history
The Spirit of Adventure

Emirates Travelers by car started their first journey in 1996 starting from Abu Dhabi and taking 6 months. They passed through Syria, Jordan, North Africa and Europe. From there they went to the North and South American continents. Even the Amazon and Brazil were driven through making it a journey…

The Dubai Travelers Festival

Dubai Travelers Festival came to life in 2012 under the patronage of his Highness the Crowne Prince Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashed Al Maktoom, and has been held annually since in Dubai, UAE.


The Dubai International Travelers festival has sponsored 2 of those travelers, whom are experienced in traveling by camels around the world, to make a unique journey crossing Africa by camel. They became the first team to accomplish such a challenge completing a trip of 9.500 km across the African Continent within 8 months. The festival produced a documentary about this travel showing their journey and experiences during this trip.